Durres is the second largest city of Albania, the most ancient one and the most economically important as the biggest port city. The beaches of Durrës are local hotspots for many Albanians and are an important part of tourism in Albania. Its foundation dates back to 627 B.C. The fact that this city has been inhabited throughout its history, means that very little of the ancient city has been excavated, as it exists under the newer buildings. Durres is home to the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Balkan Peninsula with once having a capacity of 20,000 people. Today the city is well known for the sandy beaches and warm sea waters.


Cape of Rodon

The Cape of Rodon in Durrës is a destination whose popularity has risen exponentially among tourists in the last few years. This narrow strip of land, in the shape of a peninsula, extends along the Adriatic and offers not only beautiful views but several crucial historical and cultural monuments. Many tourists choose to visit the Cape of Rodon during the spring season as it is shrouded in a beautiful cornucopia of flowers while in the summer, they choose it to enjoy the beautiful virgin beaches and fine-grained sand. 


Currila Beach is definitely among the most well-known beaches in Durrës. Its proximity to the city, makes it a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike. It is one of the most preferred beaches by families, due its relatively shallow water depth.




Golem is one of the most popular beaches in Albania, frequented by the inhabitants of Tirana and people from the neighboring countries of Macedonia and Kosovo. The reason why it is often crowded is that Golem is near Tirana, only 50 minutes away by car, and is very easy to reach. It is always crowded during the summer months.