As a village region, only 96 kilometers away from Skopje and 113 from Ohrid, it is a renowned location where many Macedonians build their weekend houses. Scenic and diverse in terrain, with an incredibly wide spectrum of activities to satisfy every taste, this region will give you quite the sensory overload. As such, no doubt, it is the frosting of the cake called the Macedonian outdoor experience.
The Mavrovo region reminds of Switzerland Alps, for much of the time grassy pastures are filled with incredible herbal smell, and you can see shepherd dogs watching over herds of sheep. The National Park of Mavrovo, where nature can be enjoyed at its best though, is fairly close to the village region. Scenic sights that will rob you off any sense of time, and incredibly rich flora and fauna which repeatedly adds to your sensory apparatus. This is a stoic statue to nature, if ever there was any. The lunx, a Macedonian wild cat which is near extinction can be also seen here if you have the luck.