Experience the beauties of culture and nature, in a city that is known as “Green and Vital City“. Peja has extraordinary history, richest cultural heritage, great natural potentials, and the city that will always offer you something new and completely original. The touristic town of Peja mixes the beauty of the past and the opportunities of the present with all the services and facilities that a modern traveler seeking different and original tourist attractions. Peja is the right destination for cultural heritage, modern sports facilities, great nightlife and attractive programs in nature for treking and skiing, rock climbing etc.


Rugova Canyon

Rugova Canyon or Rugova Gorge is a river canyon in the North-West of Peja. It is considered to be one of Europe’s longest and deepest canyons. It was created by water erosion and the retreat of the Peja glacier. The river Lumbardhi cuts through the canyon. Many hundreds of caves are to be found in the gorge with most of them still unexplored. In 1985, Rugova Canyon was declared a protected monument of natural heritage due to its geological, hydrological, speleological and botanic values and its spectacular landscape.


Patriarchate of Peja is one of the main cultural and historical landmarks in Kosovo. The Patriarchate is a medieval Orthodox monastery built in the 13th century and located between the entrance of the Rugova Valley and the city of Peja. The monastery consists of four churches, three of which are connected to each other.


Patriarchate of Peja