As a young and attractive country, Kosovo has a very rich culture and history. When traveling around Kosovo, there are many opportunities to experience the very old civilization, unique culture, and distinctive traditions which are documented in archeological parks, natural parks, galleries, tower houses (Kulla) in other words strongholds, religious monuments, and museums. Kosovo offers many opportunities for everyone who wants to expand the knowledge about old Illyrian civilization, living diversity, and enriched history.

Prishtina is a city full of lively young people, where old-style buildings co-exist with modern shiny luxury hotels and contemporary art. Experience the coffee culture of the city during the day and the rakia culture in the evening (rakia is the local strong spirit). Both involve slow drinking accompanied by conversations and time shared with friends and strangers. Stroll in the old part of Prishtina where a handful of old-style houses and elderly men sitting in front of them will transfer you back in time. On your way back, stop by the Newborn Monument in the center of the city – a tall inscription whose letters are decorated in different symbolic style every year.


Germia Park is a large beautiful park located in the east part of the city of Prishtina. Its endless forests, well maintained paths, fresh air, and the spitting distance from the city make it an attractive place to spend a nice quiet afternoon or weekend. In addition, a large swimming pool is situated in the entrance of the park. Skiing is another activity that can be performed there during winter, though there are no ski lifts or other facilities.

Germia Park