With its rich cultural heritage, café culture and mountain backdrop, Prizren is Kosovo’s best kept secret. It is situated between the Sharr Mountains on one side and the ruins of a hilltop citadel on the other. Flowing through the heart of the city is the Lumbardhi River, its fast-flowing waters skimming over a riverbed of boulders and under the many bridges that criss-cross the city.


Prizren Fortress

Prizren Fortress, also called “Kalaja”, sits strategically on a hilltop above the river – and is another structure in Prizren recognized as a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance. While some evidence suggests that part of the fortress could date to the 6th century, it is known that it was either built or expanded on between 1331 and 1355. Currently, it is being renovated, however, it is still open (24 hours a day, actually) and is free to visit. Take in the views from the various points. Look out over the city and count the number of minarets that pierce the sky. Look down to the left and peer at what remains of the Church of Holy Savior. If timing allows, stick around – or make a return trip later – for sunset.