The Monastery of St. Naum is a magnificently massive complex, located 29 kilometers south of Ohrid, on a plateau close to the Albanian border. It is, without any doubt, one of the most attractive Macedonian tourist destinations. With a wonderful surrounding area, the St. Naum Monastery is a popular day trip where you can enjoy both nature and religious heritage.
Visited by pilgrims and travelers alike, this eastern orthodox monastery is one of the few with locational and architectural splendor. Overlooking the Lake of Ohrid, the walls provide breathtaking panoramic views of the entire bay area.
With serene surroundings, picturesque scenery and religious history, the Monastery of St. Naum (also known as Manastir Sveti Naum) sets the prevailing archetype that runs through the entire country of Macedonia – this is truly a land where wonders of nature blend perfectly with some of the most captivating monuments of religion.