Tetovo is a city located in northwestern Macedonia, on the slopes of Shara, i.e. in the lower Polog Valley. Tetovo is the seat of the same-named municipality, which covers an area of 261.89 km2, together with the newly created municipalities that derived from it and which even nowadays gravitate towards it.
Tetovo Kale is a more recent fortress, built around 1820. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Tetovo, at the foot of Shar Planina. It has an altitude of about 800 metres above sea level, and in relation to the city rises about 300 metres. The construction was initiated by Redzip Pasha and it was continued by his son, Abdurahman Pasha. The fortress was built of calcareous and carved stone. Today’s archaeological complex consists of walls, in which there are five serraglios, baths, warehouses, large kitchens, a dining room and a well. From the older buildings, here is the church of St. Athanasius from the 14th century. On the walls of the Kale there were also towers, and there are still remains of an underground prison and three tunnels, which lead to Tetovo from the Kale, towards the village of Larci and towards the river Pena.