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It is not easy to describe Tirana in a few words. Descriptions such as “a vibrant city”, “colorful city” are merely an attempt to give some sort of impression of the culture, passion and enjoyment to be found in the city. Whether it is a visit in one of the attractions, museums and surrounding castles or an evening at clubs and bars in the most trendiest parts of the city, allow yourself to be inspired by the joys that await you in Tirana. We hope you have a fantastic time here in Tirana. Let’s discover together some of the most interesting tourist attractions not to miss in your journey.


Skanderbeg Square

Tirana Castle


Located near the ruins of the Castle of Tirana (Kalaja e Tiranës), this place is a new public space in the capital, with traditional and modern shops. It was inaugurated on the 21/12/2018, in one of the most visited areas of Tirana, known as Pedonale. Here are some photos from the Castle of Tirana.

Also known at the Fortress of Justinian, a name that’s as equally misleading, all that remains of this former military stronghold dating from some time between the 4th and 6th centuries AD are a short section of defensive wall and some of the original foundations that have been incorporated into the modern pedestrian street it can be found along. Of possible interest is the fact that the castle remains mark the point from which today’s city is generally believed to have started growing.


The Grand Park of Tirana continues to be one of the most popular and frequented spots of the capital city, by tourists and locals alike. The weekend is the peak time in which the park warmly welcomes a multitude of park-goers, those of whom seek recreation in the area’s many open green spaces, promenades, playgrounds and eateries. An artificial lake was introduced in the 20th century, a popular spot for runners to train around.


Grand Park of Tirana

Lake of Farka

The Lake of Farka is situated In the heart of the village with the same name. This lake now is surrounded with a very modern pedestrian street, where people can walk for miles around the lake, and enjoy its view in 360 grade. You can seat and have a rest for a while in the benches around the lake, and continues your walk. It is an ideal place for a picnic. All the area is green, and you can sit on the ground, and eating a perfect lunch with your family. During the weekend it is one of the most populated places.



The New Bazaar is built at the same place where the Old Bazaar was built in 1931. It is located east of the central boulevard. What catches the attention is the colorful pattern of the walls in the surrounding buildings, which look beautiful on sunny days with all the colors and lively shops.


New Bazaar

Mosaic of Tirana


The Tirana Mosaic is a landmark in Tirana. It is believed to have been part of a 3rd century Roman house, referred to by local archeologists as the ‘Villa rustica’. In the 5th and 6th centuries, a Paleo-Christian Basilica was built around this site. It was declared a cultural monument of the first category in June 1973. The ruins of this Paleo-Christian Basilica were discovered in 1972. In 2002, some other objects were found around the ruins of the house, and today they form the Archaeological Complex of the Mosaic of Tirana. It was re-opened to the public on 23 January 2010.



Petrela Castle is a small but prominent old castle located only 12 km from Tirana. The castle has a rich history. Initially constructed in the 6th century AD, the present building dates back to the 15th century. During Skanderbeg’s fight against the Ottomans, Petrela Castle was under the command of his sister, Mamica Kastrioti. Today there is a restaurant inside the castle. The castle offers spectacular views of the Erzen valley, the hills, olive groves and surrounding mountains. Petrela Castle is situated on a hill 329 metres (1,079 ft) above sea level.


Castle of Petrela

Mother Teresa Square

Mother Teresa Square is the second largest square in Tirana, Albania and also one of the most popular landmarks of Tirana. It is named after the Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun, missionary and nobelist, Mother Teresa. It was planned by the Italian architect Gherardo Bosio and built together with the main Boulevard in 1939-41, during the Italian occupation of Albania. The rectorate building of the Tirana University and the Polytechnic University of Tirana are found on the square together with the University of Arts of Albania.


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